Tarot consult

A clairvoyant tarot consult offers insight and advice into your true self and life path, the challenges in your life and life lessons to be learned. The cards of the Tarot can guide you in every moment of your life.

The archetypal symbols of the cards of the tarot show opportunities for awareness and personal growth. Choosing the cards is an intuitive process based on the principle of synchronicity, meaningful coincidence.

A tarot reading starts with determining the questions and themes and aims to give insight and advice to the questioner. Consulting the tarot can be part of a process of personal growth and healing. 

The cards

The session uses the cards of the Rider Waite. The extensive layouts indicate what is going on on conscious and unconscious layers and what possibilities lie ahead.


The tarot cards can be consulted on themes such as: relationships, work, love, study and career. But also for questions about letting go of old pain, personal growth, karma, talents and the path of life. 

Fee till August 1st.

A Tarot consult costs 55 euros, and takes 60 minutes.
A consult can be booked at the practice or online.
There is a 35% discount on a first consult, 35,75 euro, for the first consult.

Fee after August 1st.
A Tarot consult of 60 minutes will cost 60 euro for a 60 minutes consult.

At the practice

The practice is located at Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK The Hague.


Contact Karina via text/app at 06 454425899 or with the contact form below. You can expect an answer within two working days, by mail via ardite4cl@gmail.com.

The art of life is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts. – Carl Jung