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Jungian psychotherapy

Personal growth and development are at the heart of talk therapy based on C.G. Jung’s psychoanalytic theory. By making the unconscious conscious, old pain and trauma can transform into experiences of growth and healing. read more …

Energy healing

Healing through the energy field, the aura, is ancient and of all cultures. By rebalancing the chakras and cleansing the system of blockages, the energy flows better and the body and mind become more balanced. The energy healing at Ardite offers a unique combination of Jungian psychotherapeutic work and energy work. read more …

Inca healing

The Inca healing is a complete healing in deep unconscious layers and has been practised in Peru for centuries. The stones, which are placed on the body, connect with the healing power of mother earth and guide the healing inner journey. read more …

‘Empty the head of thoughts, let the heart be at peace ‘ – Lao Tszu

Karina Grijzen den Oudsten MSc.
psychologist, energy healer, teacher of Qigong & Tai Chi

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