Energy psychotherapy

Healing through the energy field, the aura, is ancient and of all cultures. Energy healing is a psychic healing method and works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers.

Energy psychotherapy helps old emotions, memories and patterns disappear. The mind becomes clear and you feel more strongly grounded. The insights help you make better choices and get closer to your ’true self’.

Energy psychotherapy offers help with life questions, burn out, high sensitivity, tension and stress, relationship problems, intergenerational issues and paranormal abilities. 

The session

The first part of the session consists of Jungian psychotherapeutic work. Becoming aware of how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours affect our energy field is an important part of the healing process.

The second part of the session consists of treatment on the treatment table with clothes on underneath a blanket. The healing involves healing of the chakras, energetic cleansing and Inca shamanic techniques.


The healing creates a profound change in the emotional and energy layers, providing insight, awareness, inner peace and balance.


A session costs 75 euros, takes 60 minutes and is online or live.


Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK The Hague.

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Empty the head of all thoughts, let the heart be at peace. – Lao Tszu