Growing, learning, changing. Increase your self-awareness. Coaching is based on knowledge of Taoism, Buddhism, Jungian psychology, shamanism and Chinese medicine. Qigong and meditative exercises are also part of this session. 

Coaching offers guidance in transformational processes such as reducing overstimulation with high sensitivity, coming out of burn out, changing old family patterns, living your soul and going through life more balanced. 

Especially for people with psychic abilities, there is guidance in learning to deal with psychic gifts and finding a suitable spiritual path or direction.

The session

In the sessions, goals are set, advice is made clear, blockages are discussed and released. Then new skills and exercises are learned. Getting to know yourself, your own system and learning how best to deal with your own system is central.


The integration of new insights, knowledge and exercises creates a new balance. You learn what you yourself can do to bring your system into that balance. And thus achieve the goals you want to achieve in your life.


A coaching session lasts 60 minutes and costs 75 euros. The session can be booked at the practice or online.

The practice is located at Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK The Hague.
Online sessions are given via the free online program Zoom.

Or contact Karina by text/app at 06 454425899 or by using the contact form below.
Within two business days you will receive a reply by text/app or via by email.