Inca healing

Dona Marquesa, a Q’ero medicine woman from Peru, taught Karina a powerful Inca shamanic healing on a very deep soul level. Inca healing is a complete healing in deep unconscious layers and has been practiced in Peru for centuries. Within the tradition of Q’ero medine spirited stones are used to guide the healings. The energetic healing aspects of mother earth play an important role.

This healing is very effective for: old pain, trauma, blockages, unexplained physical complaints, energetic and developmental issues and soul problems. This healing works strongly in a subtle way in the months after the session. For further deepening and personal growth it is recommended to schedule another session after 6 months.

The healing

The Inca healing starts with the cleansing of heavy energy with the Hoocha stones. Then the Chumpi stones, which are connected to power animals and archetypal forces, are placed on the body. During the treatment one lies under a blanket with one’s clothes on. 

During the energetic journey, power animals or characters can pass on insights and answers through the subconscious. Old pain flows away and lost soul parts return. This is called soul retreat.

The journey ends with the replenishment of the life energy and finally protective energy bonds are established.

Free introduction

Before the first session, it is advisable to book an introductory call. This introductory meeting is free of charge and takes 20 minutes.


The Inca healing takes 120 minutes and costs 145 euro.

Book a session

The Inca healing can only be booked by request.

Read about Ardite practice for energy healing terms and conditions and COVID-19 measures here.

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