Balance session

Working with the energy field, the energy flow of the body, is centuries old and of all cultures. Working with energy is a psychic healing method and works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers.

Tension and stress create energetic blockages; energy can no longer flow freely. You feel tired, tense and less grounded. Inner turmoil, brooding and being easily emotional are also part of it. The balance session helps release tension and stress and harmonizes the energy system.

By releasing blockages, the chakras and meridians come back into balance and energy starts to flow freely again. You feel refreshed, relaxed and grounded. The head is clear again the feelings and emotions come to rest.
This gentle and profound session is especially suitable for sensitive people.

The session

The session begins with a cup of tea, time to land and, if necessary, to take a breath. The treatment is with clothes on underneath a blanket on the treatment table. The session involves a combination of methods from Chinese medicine and Inca shamanism.


The combination of Chinese and shamanic techniques creates an intense and harmonizing effect on the energy system. You feel relaxed free and balanced.


A balance session is 60 minutes and costs 60 euros.


Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK The Hague.

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