Energy healing

Energy healing is ancient art and of all cultures. An energy session brings the chakras of the body back into balance and allows the energy to flow better. She works on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and subconscious layers. 

Emotions, stress, and illness disbalance the energy. Blocked energy feels like fatigue and the head spins overtime. Energy healing has a positive effect on complaints related to old pain and trauma, high sensitivity, anxiety, tension and stress, burn out and unexplained physical complaints. 

Energy therapy usually consists of three sessions with two weeks in between. In the weeks between the sessions the process continues. It depends on the nature of the problems how many sessions are needed. 


You experience inner peace and relaxation in the body. The head is clear and you feel more grounded. In daily life things go easier and the insights help you to get closer to yourself. Old emotions, memories and patterns disappear and make room for new insights and ideas. 

The session

The session starts with discussing the complaints. After tuning in, the chakras are brought back into balance and the energy field is replenished. During the session Inca shamanistic stones are used to balance the energy-field. The Tarot cards offer deeper insights where necessary. Bach remedies, energetic healing from nature, can be a additional help.

Free introduction

Before the first session, it is advisable to book an introductory call. This introductory meeting is free of charge and takes 20 minutes.


A session is 75 minutes and costs 82,50 euro.

Read about Ardite practice for energy healling terms and conditions and COVID-19 measures here.

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