Jungian counselling

Personal growth and development are central to the psychoanalytic theory of C.G. Jung. This form of counseling is based on a positive and holistic view of humanity and works with the subconscious. By working with the subconscious we get to know ourselves on a deeper level and heal from old pain and trauma.

The subconscious

The subconscious contains valuable information about how we can heal and grow. Think about the shadow sides and old pain, but also about wishes and talents. The subconscious speaks to us through our dreams, drawings and active imagination, but also for example by reading the cards of the Tarot.


Old psychological pain disappears, there is more insight into social relationships and dynamics. Restricting thoughts are dissolved. Self-confidence increases and you feel secure in situations. Relationships improve, work and career choices become clearer. You come closer to your ‘true self’.

The session

Jungian counseling offers advice and insight for problems in the areas of burn out, relationships, work and study. Problems arise from fears, depressive feelings, and old psychological pain. But also for issues related to high sensitivity, giftedness and paranormal experiences, Jungian counseling can provide many insights. Jungian counseling is based on weekly or two-weekly sessions.

Before the first session, it is advisable to book an introductory call. This introductory meeting is free of charge and takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Session at the practice
Kon. Emmakade 151, 2518 JK The Hague. Session 60 minutes, 94,50 euro.

Session online 
Live via Zoom. Session 60 minutes, 85 euro. 

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